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Terms and Conditions

It is to address that AppCrops referred to in this document as ‘the Company’. All work is carried out by the Company is done on the understanding that the client has agreed to the Company Terms and Conditions

Project Acceptance

The Company will provide the customer/business with a written estimate or quotation when placing a project order. By accepting the estimate or quotation the customer/business is agreeing to the Terms & Conditions set out herein.

Provision of Materials

While placing a project order with the company, you agree to provide us with the required information documents needed to complete the work. We accept no responsibility for your project or deliverables not being delivered by a specific date if you fail to comply with the necessary requirements.

Payment Terms

The customer is liable to pay an initial amount upon ordering and the outstanding once the final delivery of the product or service is done.

Note: All deposit payments are non-refundable.


Website Updates & Maintenance

All sort of updates and maintenance are treated as a new project and is charged according to the nature of the work. If you want to introduce new content, pages or additional functionality then it must be paid and considered as a new task.

Hosting & Email Accounts

We provide charged hosting per year and no clients or third parties will be granted FTP (File Transfer Protocol) access to our servers or any of our affiliates. One email account is provided, all additional email addresses will be forwarded to this or another email address that must be provided by the client.

Note:The Company takes no responsibility for any loss of business through non-retrieval of emails or undelivered emails or messages including the content of emails, attachments and viruses.

Package Cancellation

All hosting packages are non-refundable. Website hosting will be renewed automatically as part of the initial contract, but a notice period of 15 days will be given at the time of invoicing and renewal. Clients must cancel their renewal in writing within this notice period, otherwise, all charges will become payable and cancellation will NOT be accepted after this date.

Domain Names

The domain name of the client’s preference is completely dependent on the subject of availability and can be provided as part of our hosting package by the Company. Once the website is live on the domain name, all outstanding payments are due.

Note:The Company is not responsible if there is a delay in the transfer of a domain name held with another provider.

Systems & Codes

Any systems, including e-commerce or Content Management Systems (CMS), provided to the client remain the intellectual property of the Company and no access is given to the source code or database.


The Company guarantees all of its designs, websites and technical solutions provided to client(s)/business(s). Any faults or bugs will be rectified within TAT.

Website Approval

The final prototypes approved by clients are further proceeded to build the website and any subsequent changes in style or design requested by the client will be charged for at the appropriate hourly rate. Clients have a period of 15 days to revert to any further changes and corrections and after that AppCrops reserves the right to make additional charges for further work.


Unless negotiated and agreed in writing, the copyrights of general artwork, commissioned artwork, illustrations, website design, programming and copy belong to the Company. We reserve the right to use any artwork or printing to promote our services unless you request in writing.

Turn Around Time

Each product or service has an estimated Turnaround Time (TAT) and the business or client should not complain about any deliveries before the TAT.

Consequential Loss

The Company accepts no liability whatsoever for consequential or third-party losses, resulting from a delay in delivery or loss in service provided by the Company.

Financial Loss

The Company accepts no liability whatsoever for financial loss or loss of earnings arising from products or services provided by the Company.


The Company accepts no responsibility for any reason beyond the company’s control including governmental issues, nature acts, legislation, war, fire, flood, failure of power supply, lock down, or other action.


The Company shall not be liable for any loss to the customer arising from delay in transit caused by circumstances beyond the Company’s control.

Price Breakdown

Each product or service invoice is sent as a breakdown showing the cost of the research process, competitive analysis, design and production.

Work on Hold / Cancelled by the Client

The company is not responsible if the work is cancelled or put on hold by the client and in such case, the client is liable to pay the complete amount for the package irrespective of any package agreements.

At AppCrops, we utilize our technical excellence, friendly approach, to fulfill every aspect of our client(s) design needs and to produce results that exceed expectations. We’re intelligent and apply that to everything we do; ensuring that we have the right solution to generate the results you need.

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